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Gewerbegebiet (commercial estate) Egestorf "Hauskoppel"

Location: Integrated municipality of Hanstedt
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Types of site: Commercial area
Prices: EUR 35.00 plus statutory VAT
Available Area: 0.87 ha
Largest plot: 0.46 ha


The commercial estate with extraordinary perspectives lies on the edge of the tourist centre Egestorf and at the same time directly next to the A 7 motorway. It represents a sensible combination of new local supply facilities and a classic commercial estate.

Great emphasis has been placed on architecture typical for the Lüneburg Heath region and on respecting the integrity of the existing townscape. The retail outlets situated in the front area of the estate are therefore attractively situated and pleasant places to spend time in. Behind this area, the estate is divided up into smaller-sized plots. All those settling here profit from the benefits of close links to the town and the exceptional degree of mobility.
Existing industries:
Equestrian sport requirements, commerce/trading, skilled trades/crafts, IT services
Local public transport link: available
Rail access: not available
Inland waterway link: not available
Commercial airfield: not available
Electricity connection: available
Gas connection: available
Industrial water connection: available
Waste water connection: available
Notes on the infrastructure:
A central rainwater drainage channel exists.
A broadband Internet connection is possible.

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