Wirtschaftsstandort Salzgitter
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KMU-Area Salzgitter-Engelnstedt (SME Area)

Location: City of Salzgitter
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Types of site: Commercial area
Prices: on request
Available Area: 26.00 ha
Smallest plot: 0.30 ha
Largest plot: 3.00 ha


The commercial estate lies to the east of Salzgitter-Lebenstedt, the largest city district with around 41,000 inhabitants, directly next to the A 39 motorway. It represents an extension of the commercial estate along the Peiner Straße, which is much in demand. The Salzgitter city centre is only 2 km away. Moreover, noted industrial companies (Salzgitter AG, Volkswagen AG, MAN Commercial Vehicles, Alstom LHB, Bosch Elektronik) are located within the immediate surroundings and can be quickly reached via well-developed and direct link roads.
Existing industries:
A balanced mix of industries is located within the immediate vicinity, including firms from the metal, automobile, construction and plastics industries.
Local public transport link: available
Rail access: not available
Inland waterway link: not available
Commercial airfield: not available
Electricity connection: available
Gas connection: available
Industrial water connection: available
Waste water connection: available

Last update on Dec 4, 2018.

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