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Handels- und Gewerbepark (comm. and business park) Bad Bederkesa

Location: City of Geestland
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Types of site: Mixed area, Special area
Prices: 15.00 to 57.00 EUR/sq.m.
Available Area: 0.67 ha


Commercial area. Retail traders (except for car dealers, car repair shops and garden centres) are not permitted. Mixed area: filling stations and amusement facilities (amusement arcades) are not allowed.
Existing industries:
Food, furniture, interior decoration, car dealer, Raiffeisen market, filling station, building company, transportation, paint shop, stonemason, handicraft shop, taxi company, food Technology laboratory, hairdresser, subcompact car trade, professional electrician firm
Local public transport link: available
Rail access: does not exist but is feasible
Inland waterway link: does not exist but is feasible
Commercial airfield: not available
Electricity connection: available
Gas connection: available
Industrial water connection: available
Waste water connection: available

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