Metropolitan Region Bremen-Oldenburg, North-West Germany

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"Achim - Gewerbegebiet Achim-Baden"

Location: City of Achim
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Types of site: Commercial area
Prices: € 43.00
Available Area: 4.58 ha
Largest plot: 1.80 ha


Commercial estate (German designation: GE); location for distribution and administration, manufacturing and processing industry, business- and product-related service segments; total area: 28 hectares
Additional plots are being offered in the Gewerbegebiet Baden (commercial estate) in the direct neighbourhood of the existing Gewerbepark Uesen (Business Park). The plots are fully developed in terms of infrastructure and provide the necessary variability through the differentiated structure of the estate - embedded in an innovative design and utilization concept. Real estate sizes are available from 1,500 m² upwards!
Existing industries:
Tool construction, automobile export, automobile retailing, assembly of construction elements, veterinary hospital
Local public transport link: available
Heavy-duty road connection: available
24-hour approval for operations: available to a limited extent
Electricity connection: available
Gas connection: available
Industrial water connection: available
Waste water connection: available
Broadband connection: available
Internal designation:
"Achim - Gewerbegebiet Achim-Baden"

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