Find warehouses in Niedersachsen

Location of the storage depot

Since warehouses or outdoor storage sheds are intended to store products in large quantities, a very good connection to the transport network is an important factor. Niedersachsen, with its good infrastructure links to the transport network, is therefore a popular location for warehouse facilities. When looking for the best warehouse location, you should filter the search by criteria such as:

  • Connection to the motorway network
  • Rail links
  • Proximity to an airport
  • If relevant, close access to a port or harbour

The conveniently arranged map display at komsis enables you to obtain a quick and clear overview of where the warehouse you want to rent or buy is situated.

Depots with offices and production

In practice, there are three types of storehouse or depot use: as a logistics centre, in combination with an office, and in combination with production facilities. To get the best out of your search for your warehouse or depot, you can include advanced search criteria such as office use. This allows you a pinpoint selection of possible storage options to meet your needs. If you want to locate production facilities next to a warehouse at the same time, it's advisable to specifically search for estates that are designated as industrial areas. That's an option komsis also gives you. Large industrial estates and business parks in Niedersachsen offer a perfect combination of a warehouse – whether a depot, outdoor storage area or small shed – together with office space or industrial capability, both for rent or for sale.

Ask the business promotion experts

If you want to relocate your storage facilities, you are welcome to contact the municipal business development agencies. The contact details can also be found at komsis. The contacts listed are happy to advise you and give you important information about the available infrastructure. Details about the business location can also be found under Locations. For each specific location you will be given facts and figures about the employment structure, economic strength and population. This gives you a sound basis on which to make a serious choice as regards your warehousing site.

Buying or leasing storage space

Most of the warehouses offered here are for rent. In some commercial areas, however, depots and storage sheds are also for sale. Under the search terms, you can enter the words “lease”, “rent” or “purchase”.