Rent or buy an office or practice

Selecting a location for your business premises

What applies to a private property also applies to office space or practice rooms: location, location, and the location! The location is crucial for employee satisfaction and for commercial success. For medical practices and offices with customer contact, a central location is a big advantage. It makes you easily reachable for your clients and patients. If you're looking for larger rooms, office suites or buildings in Niedersachsen, attractive edge-of-town or suburban locations are often an appropriate choice, or rural areas with good transport connections. The rents and purchase prices for offices and office blocks are considerably cheaper there. If you're looking for an office together with storage facilities, the rural communities in Niedersachsen are certainly your first choice. There are very attractive business parks in a number of regions that offer combinations like office and warehouse space.

Ensuring the right infrastructure

Whether you want to rent or buy a centrally located commercial property or a large-scale office complex, the infrastructure is of paramount importance. How far is the office from the nearest train station? How do my employees, clients or patients come to my office or my practice? By car? By bus? At komsis, you can include the distance to the motorway or train station in your search when looking for your office and practice rooms. Location information such as the number of inhabitants, the employment rate and the gross domestic product for the individual municipalities help you to choose the right office location for your needs.

Size of the office space

At komsis you can of course enter your desired square metre area (from – to) when searching for your office and practice rooms. The size of the space you need mainly depends on your number of employees. But you should keep in mind that businesses can grow. It may therefore be worthwhile looking for an office in a larger office building that offers room for expansion.

Fixtures and features of the premises

Do you want to know how the premises are equipped? The detailed descriptions of the individual offers give you all the information you need about features such as the electrics, flooring, lighting, and many other aspects.

Buying or renting your office or practice

Most of the office space and practices offered at komsis are for rent. But you'll also find properties to buy. When searching, you can choose whether you're looking for an office or practice that is for sale or for rent.