Finding an industrial estate in Niedersachsen

Locating industrial enterprises

Industrial areas (German: GI) are building zones or specific land-use areas intended for production companies. In other words, they are areas where industrial enterprises can settle. As a partner of the municipalities in Niedersachsen, komsis presents you with a large number of areas that are specifically designated by the local government authorities as industrial zones. So you know immediately if you can establish an industrial firm on such a site. The search mask allows a direct filtering of these industrial areas.

Finding the right industrial location

The infrastructure is highly important for any settlement in an industrial area. Niedersachsen offers excellent conditions for your production plant with its good access to shipping and air transport, its central location, and its excellent motorway links. At komsis you can specifically include advantageous infrastructural criteria in your search, such as the distance to an airport, port or harbour, to the next motorway or to the next rail station. The search results are available in the form of an interactive map, giving you a very useful overview of the available industrial sites. In addition, komsis gives you detailed information about the specific business location. Economic strength, population structure and the employment market situation are clearly presented. A comparison of locations can be conducted quickly and easily. This gives you a sound basis for deciding on your location.

Size of the industrial zone

The size of the building plot depends on the production area. In the rural regions of Niedersachsen, expansive areas are available, which makes the settlement of land-intensive enterprises worthwhile. In the cities and urban areas, building land is understandably scarcer and the regulations are stricter. The map displaying the hit list of results provides guidance.

Industry and business promotion

Niedersachsen relies on an active industrial policy. The municipal economic development agency supports you in finding the ideal location for your production facility. Experts help with your industry-specific location search and in compiling the potential commercial space and commercial rentals. Komsis provides you with direct links to key contacts in the relevant local government authorities. The contacts from the economic development and business promotion agencies will be happy to inform you about other funding opportunities you can take advantage of, such as financial assistance, loans, subsidies or investments.

Buying or leasing building plots

As a rule, the industrial property offered here is for sale. A few industrial sites can also be leased. Enter the word "lease" or "rent" under your search terms.