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Hospitality and catering in Niedersachsen

Tourism in Niedersachsen is booming. Many holidaymakers are drawn to the North Sea coast, the heathlands, the islands of East Frisia, or the hilly regions of the Weser Uplands. So it's no surprise that more and more people want to lease a hotel or a business like a restaurant, cafe or bar in Niedersachsen. The precise location in relation to Niedersachsen's sights and natural attractions is of great importance. Our interactive map tells you straight away whether the hotel or restaurant you want to rent or buy is situated by the sea, in the countryside, or in a town or city. This gives you the chance to compare potential locations and see if the location fits your business idea.

Defining your type of business use

In order to obtain a higher hit accuracy, we recommend you restrict the search to the category of your intended business. You can enter the corresponding search terms at komsis in a search mask. Establishments offering food and drink, for example, can be found under terms such as restaurant, canteen, café, bar, or guesthouse. Hotels also differ as to whether they are motels, boarding houses, hostels, guesthouses or holiday apartments.

Before the lease: gather information

Komsis also offers you the opportunity to establish direct contact with key individuals within the local government authorities. So if you want to lease a hotel, an inn or a restaurant in a municipality in Niedersachsen, you can enquire in advance about tourist numbers and the on-site competition at the local business development agency. The specialists there are happy to advise you and they can give you good tips about starting out and about your business concept. For instance, particular regions are excellently suitable for running bicycle-friendly accommodation and guesthouses.

For more information see the location profiles. Details about the transport infrastructure provided there, such as the distance to a train station, a motorway or an airport, should be of special interest to you. Such transport links can be directly included in the advanced search criteria.

Rent or buy a hotel

Komsis offers hotels and guesthouses as well as restaurants and bars both for rent and for sale. When searching at komsis, you can choose whether you're looking for a hotel or premises for wining and dining to buy or to lease.