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Extension area for the commercial estate(Gewerbegebiet) Debstedt

Location: City of Geestland
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Types of site: Commercial area
Prices: EUR 22.90 including infrastructure development
Available Area: 0.50 ha


The extension area lies directly on the corner of the K120 district road and the road "An der Autobahn". Situated exactly at the entrance to the Gewerbegebiet-Debstedt commercial estate.
Existing industries:
Roofing firm, earthworks, tile market, wholesale market, canteen kitchen technology, GTÜ technical inspectorate facility, electronic goods trader, wood construction, automobile sales and workshop, metal and steel construction, motor production, orthopaedic and rehabilitation technology, recycling and garden equipment centre, cleaning agent production, metalworking shop, textile industry and recycling, paper recycling, specialised waste disposal firm, motorcycle trader and jet ski trader with workshop, concrete fence trader, beverage trade representative
Local public transport link: available
Electricity connection: does not exist but is feasible
Gas connection: does not exist but is feasible
Industrial water connection: does not exist but is feasible
Waste water connection: does not exist but is feasible

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