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Location: Integrated municipality of Tarmstedt
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Types of site: Commercial area, Special area
Prices: 20.00 EUR/sq.m.
Available Area: 10.90 ha
Largest plot: 4.00 ha


Existing industries:
Business enterprises of all kinds, such as printing, skilled trade/craft and auto firms, service enterprises, logistics centre, warehouses and storage areas, offices for administrative use and services. Production companies of every kind, such as those from the construction and environmental protection fields. Innovative plants for the generation of eco-friendly energy from biomass, solar radiation or waste heat. Projects from the various GREENTEC unterkaings.
Local public transport link: available
Rail access: not available
Inland waterway link: not available
Commercial airfield: not available
Electricity connection: available
Gas connection: available
Industrial water connection: does not exist but is feasible
Waste water connection: available

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