Hafenerweiterung Nord (Northern port extension)

Location: City of Brake (Unterweser)
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Types of site: Commercial area, Industrial area, Special area
Available Area: 75.00 ha


There are both waterside-situated sites (on the outer side of the dyke) with pier installations and other full infrastructure facilities (road and rail links) and corresponding sites on the landward side of the dyke with existing infrastructure facilities.

The waterside sites are for the most part already paved and hardened and they can already be used as warehouse or transhipment areas. Moreover, appropriate construction projects with port relevance can also be realised here.

The sites lying on the landward side of the dyke also offer good access to the federal inland waterway through the corresponding links. All the sites have a correspondingly high degree of utilisation in line with planning law.
Rail access: available
Inland waterway link: available
Notes on the infrastructure:
Road access, if needed rail link also possible

Last update on May 6, 2016.

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